Automotive-Based Services in

seva mobil bekas - Most online trading platforms only focus on how products can be sold. If you use, the service you get isn't just about buying a used car or car. However, there are also a number of automotive-based services below.
Vehicle Service Orders
The most frustrating thing when going to service four wheels is a very long queue. Especially if done on weekends. You can park the vehicle from morning and it just finishes at night. If you use, problems that make time wasted useless will not happen again.
As long as you serve at an authorized dealer from an Astra car, service orders can be made. For example, you want to serve another week at 12.00 noon. Booking can be done right away so that when you come to the garage you don't need to queue and when you arrive on time, your car can get service immediately.
Service order options are generally divided into two types. The first service is performed at an authorized dealer or workshop. You are advised to go there according to the appointment time. Furthermore, servicing is done at home because the vehicle cannot be used or there is a serious problem.

Trade Adds
Already bored with old vehicles? You can sell it and then buy a new one after adding some money. Unfortunately selling used vehicles is not easy. Moreover, there is very little interest in the unit. Therefore, try using the trade-in service from that will speed you up to get a new vehicle.
Simply fill in the data that has been provided completely. Then the team from will contact you to do a total check on the car. After a total check is made the team will provide a kind of price estimate. If you agree, the vehicle can be sold immediately.
Sales funds from old vehicles will be directly made as DP or down payment for the purchase of a new car that you want. Furthermore, the shortage of funds that you bear can be paid directly or in installments according to the desired tenor.

Trying a Vehicle (Test Drive)
Buy a four-wheeled vehicle is different from buying food or other products that do not require trials. As good as the vehicle looks outside, if it is done when the test drive is not in accordance with the wishes it will also be a problem. Therefore a test drive must be performed especially on used units.
All used cars in the listings can be tried to ride if you are interested. As long as the vehicle is at the nearest dealer from the domicile, you can make an appointment there and do a test drive so that the used vehicle that will be purchased according to the towing, comfortable seat, and other technical matters.

Do Credit and Simulations
Not everyone can afford to buy new and used cars in cash. Moreover, the price reaches above one hundred million rupiah. knows about it and provides credit services as needed. You can do credit with a tenor of up to 3 years and a down payment starting at 25% of the price of the vehicle.
Before deciding to buy a car, you can do your research first to see which vehicle is suitable. Next do a credit simulation by entering complete data from the vehicle. Then choose the down payment and long installments. After everything is filled in, the estimated monthly installments will be known.
Use installment estimates to benchmark whether you can afford to pay per month or not. If it is still too large, it can be manipulated by the DP, types of vehicles, up to the number of installments. Do research until you are completely satisfied so that the vehicle purchased does not trigger feelings of disappointment or difficulty paying the monthly installments.

Vehicle Comparison
If you are very skilled in the automotive field, of course there will be no difficulty in determining which of the two or more units is the best. Then you can make a choice and buy it in cash or credit. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to make comparisons or comparisons perfectly. provides a service in the form of a comparison of the car that you are seeking. So, the car that is chosen can be directly compared to its head to head features and looks which are superior to each other. Use this service to facilitate selection before deciding to ask those who are more expert.

Assisting in Handling Documents
Not everyone has a lot of free time to take care of vehicle documents such as vehicle registration or BPKP. Moreover, having to come to the service office and queue up with many people. One day can be spent waiting, not to mention the bureaucracy in this country is quite complicated and makes many people often skip work to deal with this seva mobil bekas.